Here are some  examples of our work, we…

Mig weld, Tig weld, braize, solder, heat-shrink, metal form, media-blast, paint, rebuild: engines; transmissions; brakes, rust-proof… there’s not much we can’t do! 

We hope you like the pictures below and look forward to working with you on your project.

Tig-Welded and planished for minimal to no filler finish.

Full bare metal respray…Fontana Grey 1965 Beetle.


Westfalia Canvas Fitted,


Hand Fabricated Porsche 911 Mig/Tig Welded Sill/Kidney Bowl Panel Repairs.


Handmade and Upholstered Oak Interior For 1966 Splitscreen Type 2


1959 Porsche 356A 1600 Full  Stripdown and Engine Rebuild.


1966 VW ‘Splitscreen’ Type 2 Full Bare Metal Stripdown Restoration.

Original Sea Blue bottom and Blue White (blauweiss) top, with ‘Deluxe’ Trim.


1967 Splitscreen Doorskin update and replacement (only pre 64 doorskins available at the time so later door handle recess grafted in).


Porsche 911 Carrera Engine Lid Skin removed, straightened and refitted.


VW Splitscreen inner door bottom repair.


Underside of VW Type 2 Media-Blasted, Rustproofed, Zinc Epoxy Etch Primed and body colour coated.


1972 Raleigh Chopper Full Stripdown Restoration (for son!)

Decal application!!


VW Splitscreen T2 Sill Panel, floor replacement (heat shrinking in background!).


Splitscreen Type 2 Safari Window Fit.

Electric Camping Hook-up Installed into customers Camper.

Front floor replacement.

Lambretta Li150 Recommission and “Mod” ify!

Splitscreen front panel removed for repair.

T2 nearside ‘Splash-pan’ trial fitting before rustproofing and full respray.

Hand formed Porsche 911 front wing repair panels, made just using a hammer(s) and dolly(s).

Stripped, repaired and rust-proofed rear cargo bed on VWT2 RHD Bay-window Single-cab fitted with handmade timber strips as per original factory option.

Unavailable so handmade T2 structural fixing bed panel!

Tig andMig welding, heat-shrinking and planishing out dents on front T2 panel.

Hand formed/made ‘Captain America’ Steel shield (for son!).

“perhaps if Captain American had got his shield from us it wouldn’t’ve broken in Endgame?!”

Here are two films we made way back in 2009 of a 1959 Porsche 356b T5.

If you have time, please watch them to see how the “Ugly duckling” turned into a “Swan!”