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An original and unrestored 1939 Model Standard Coca Cola Ice Chest Cooler.

A genuine US "barn find" and so a beautifully unrestored, original paint example... obviously being unrestored there's the odd dink, dent, paint scratch and general wear commensurate with its 75ish years of age but as with all vintage items this adds to its charm... "every dent tells a story!"

Described when new as "the leader in popularity" it's a well used original ice chest... we'd recommend not restoring it because we personally like the patina and "rust" and it's taken years of sitting in the hot US sun filled with ice being bumped by kids bikes being leaned on my shopkeepers and gossiping housewives, through WW2 and the big bands, through rock n roll through the Brit invasion of the Beetles and Stones, through the Summer of Love, through the Eighties, through Grunge to get it to look this good... it's a really nice surviving original condition "Standard" Coke Ice chest... if only it could talk!!

Hopefully the pictures show its condition but overall as said above it's a well used thing with thinning paint and a little pitted surface rust, inside there's the minor odd rust hole after having melting ice sitting in it for years on end but this is a rare WW2 era survivor.

They obviously make great ice chests and centre piece conversation starters at parties but they're also are great tool chests, TV stands, storage chests, shoe tidies etc etc...

The front cap catcher is present but the smaller rear one is missing but in our opinion this doesn't distract from it's beauty!!

Send us a message or call; 020 8854 4168 / 07976 717933 for more info or to view (this is old and so viewing is recommended!).

Dimensions: 31" wide x 25.25" deep x 35.25" high

Collect Only and payment on collection please... Sorry!