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Fitting a headliner into a 1968 - 79 Type 2.
Tools needed; Sharp craft knife, sharp scissors, heat resistant glue(so it doesn't come unstuck as soon as the sun comes out!), loads of big and small bulldog clips(for the window corners etc), jigsaw, kettle, water, tea bags, milk and sugar(optional!).
Step 1; If you're starting with new headliner rods then... make sure that they're the correct lengths... we supply oversized so they can be trimmed and fitted to your van.
Take your time...the ideal finished headliner will follow the roof line from side to side across the middle section obviously a little further away as the rods reach the edge.
VERY IMPORTANT; when the headliner's fitted, the tension will pull the rods down in the middle and push out towards the edges, the big mistake people often make is they cut the rod to follow the roof line, so when they fit the headliner it pulls it down it the middle and then the rod's too short!!
So... as you measure the rods and cut to fit, pull the rod down using both hands (approx a foot and a half apart) either side of the middle of the rod... our advice is to cut less than you think and "try fit" a few times to get it right... you can always cut off more but you can't cut off less!"
Once they're all the correct lengths label them to make sure you fit them in the right order.
Step 2; On the "windowed" type 2's... VW fitted the side material first so if you have a van with windows (if you have a commercial van skip this step!) make sure the metal around the windows is clean and free from lumps and bumps(just like wallpapering the slightest grain of dirt will leave a lump under your nice new headliner!) VW used panels of material rather than one long strip to save on materials... side pillar, side pillar then bottom in that order... the headliner comes down into the top lip of the window to cover the top lip, trim and glue to the side and bottom lips of the windows using the bulldog clips to hold in place whilst the glue goes off!!
Step 3; (with the windscreen removed!), the headliner comes with "looped pockets" across its width, these are for the rods to go through to support the headliner once fitted, so... now slide the rods in (in their correct order!), fit the rubber rod ends (these are needed to stop the ends of the rods slipping out of the side channels).
At the very back(tailgate end) there's a roof strengthening bar normally with tab grippers that the very rear headliner rod attaches to, bend the tabs to hold the rear rod in place and then once secure, pull the headliner to the rear hatch/tailgate and clip approximately in place with the bulldog clips, once done gently pull/stretch the headliner forwards inserting each rod into the side channel as you go until you reach the windscreen, clamp the front of headliner onto the upper windscreen lip in its approximate place(middle of headliner = middle of window!) using the bulldog clips(no glue at this stage!).
Step 4; Now you're ready to start gluing... gulp!
Above the driver and passenger doors you should have metal grippers(if you don't... call us and we can run through what to do here!), you'll need two thin strips of compressed card or similar(1cm or 1/2" wide) to glue onto the headliner edge and fit into these grippers(if it's not there the headliner just rips away... again call us if you don't have this).
Start at the middle of the screen removing clamps and gluing, work your way out to the sides, gluing, pulling and re-clamping as you go, the side front edge/corner folds over along the line of the "grippers" towards the window corner to leave a nice tidy finish, once your happy with the front then work side to side gluing the edge of the headliner to top of the window sections/pillars (as mentioned above) (or if you have a commercial vehicle the bottom of the roof side channel) pulling back and to the side as you go making sure it tight enough without stretching or distorting the perforations, finally (phew!) once you reach that last roof bar supported by the tabs pull the last section back and glue around the hinges and along the top tailgate lip.
If you're unhappy with the section you've just stuck at any stage unpeal it and start again before moving on don't try to get it to shrink once you've finished using a hairdryer or heat gun... it won't work!!
It really is common sense... if there seems to be a problem then sit back, sip on that tea and think about it... once you've cut the material you can't un-cut it so whenever you cut make sure you're happy first!

If you get glue on the outside of the headliner don't worry it will wipe off with white spirit/panel wipe but be gentle!

Once it's finished... stand back have another cup of tea and admire your handywork!!
Items to buy from us;
Headliner kit
Roof rods
Rod end rubbers

Hope this helps a little!!

Feel free to ring us if you need to chat about it before starting.

Please send us pictures once it's all done!!
Good luck!!